Jenae has gone through some major musical developments over the last 4 years. She started out with adult contemporary, wrote alternative rock, then pop/rock finally moving to pure pop. now she's getting back to her musical roots and developing songs in the pop-country genre.

"I like all styles of music, and since I am surrounded by studio musicians and other producers all day, I'm always first call to write on new material. I just love singing and writing. Country comes natural for me, since I grew up in Branson, Missouri. And I enjoy the story telling aspect of country music- I can sing about my experiences and turn it into stories about imaginary people. That way no one is really sure of what I am drawing from my personal life, and I still get the healing benefits of sharing with people."

Jenae was born June 18, 1979. Currently splits her residence between Nashville and Edmonton

Main Song Writers:
Jenae Johnson
Corey Johnson