April 9 2009

Currently searching for management & licensing. (780) 993-5530 contact info.

December 29 2008

In the process of writting a new album with some new writers and I am working with Royalty Records out of Sherwood Park Ab.
He is interested in working with me as an artist and a songwriter for publishing. I am very excited. I will let everyone know when my new album is aimed to be released.

September 15 2008

Hey guys.. Well my R&B album is done. Its now available for purchase on Cd Baby as well as I tunes and on my my space and sound click pages.

As for Country. I am getting back into that mode. I will be writting some new songs for the new year.
Good News though. I had put my songs into the Tara Oram Diaries show on CMT and I didn't get picked for Tara to redo one of my songs but she did say my name and show my singing on CMT. So I am hoping that gets my name out there a bit. I don't care what kinda music Im doing long as I am singing. add me to msn if you wanna chat with me jenae79@hotmail.com


APRIL 15 2008
Sorry I have not been to this site to give all my country fans an idea of where I am at right now. Currently I am working on a Rnb project with Volcano Enterprises out of Jersy. We have some great stuff. Take a listen when u have a chance http://www.soundclick.com/jenae

I will be working more on my country album in May. Currently the studio is being renovated and once its done I will be doing a lot more recording there. More Country Songs! For sure.

I plan on doing a show in Boston in July. More details on that. Most likely will be rnb music that is featured. Thanks so much.

Wish me luck!!!




Feb 14 2008

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!
Well I did my New York Show. Turn Out was not what was expected but still fun. I got to see all of New York and that rocked. I also performed at the school and it was great. A definate experience I will never forget.

I figure I should have my hands in all the pockets in the music industry. I have over 400 songs in rock, pop, country and r&b. So my music is going good. I am hoping to be able to sell some of my older songs and write more. Thats the goal right now and to organize a band to start touring. Thanks I will let you know what I am planning on doing soon. And when the touring dates are going to be. Thanks


November 7/07
Well I got every thing prepared for the trip to New York New York from the 7th-10th and then Rochester from 10th - 12th and then back to New York 13th - 14th and leave the 15th. So this trip is going to be fun :)

Started off a little shakey..... Layed down at 4am for a so called "Power Nap" before our 8 am flight. Well I power napped all the way through our flight... Me, Corey , Amber & Anne my back up singers all stayed over, all fell asleep and all slept through the 3 alarms we set cause we were that tired :( So I went through this little negitive couple hours, and realized what is the point of being sad, I can't change the fact that we missed our flight. So now I am thinking more positive. We will probably be hung up at the minn. airport for a bit. Hopefully able to get on the 7pm flight and arrive in New York New York by 1030 pm to rent a car and have fun for a couple days in New York before we head over to Rochester. :) It is going to be fun. I can't wait to perform :) very excited. See u soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 4/07

Well its 3 days before my flight :)
Me Amber and Anne my back up singers and my co writter/sound producer/video production guy/ best friend Corey are coming to support my first big show. Treating it more like a showcase show. I have added a show to my line up. November 12th at Keurka College :) so Whatever cd's I have left over from the November 11th show I will sell there. I had 400 printed up. Not sure If I have printed enough but we will see :) I get them on tuesday. I am so excited!!

I can't wait to perform for all the people in Rochester New york and Keurka Park New York. Its going to be fun. Hope you all come out to support the show!!

Jenae Johnson

October 10/07

Me and my back up vocalists Amber Welk and Anne Harding are so excited about our trip to New York and playing for as many people as possible. This is an exciting time. I am hoping some of the labels and A&R's I invited show up. That would be an honor. I want to show them, How good I am live. Tickets to fly out to New York are cheap. Round Tickets are $475.00 from edmonton to new york. So thats pretty cheap. 15.00 to buy your ticket and come watch the show. Plus you have an excuse to go to New York and just relax. So I hope some of you edmontonians come out to see me in New York. Cheer me on!!!! I bought my plane tickets from cheaptickets.com :) Off to practice talk to you all later.

September 28/07

Been a month since I have written on here. I have been practicing In a Box and Not Enough for the show. For me to play live!

I am very excited and can't wait. I have emailed and invited some labels out to the show. So hopefully some take up my offer. As I would love to prove what a great candidate I would be for a label. Wish me Luck Everyone Thanks.

August 28/07

I just got news from John from Rochester New York and the place that I will be performing for the Live Benifit Concert will be November 11 2007 at The Main Street Armory in Rochester NY. Tickets will be on sale through ticket master some time next week. Please come out and support me. I can't wait to play my songs live. I will be performing my song "IN A BOX" playing piano and singing. It will be great. I am so looking forward to this. Thank you everyone for all your support. I will have FM radio play as well as tv coverage. So if you can get to Rochester New York support me & come to my show :)

Jenae Johnson

August 17/07

Today I spent all day with my family. Corey wrote a couple new songs, i listened and was slowly working out a melody line in my head. :) Then he was off to do a photo shoot. I took my daughter and myself to the spa and we got all girlied up :)

Then in the evening we decided to go horse back riding for the first time. It was so fun. But after I got off the hour horse ride my butt so hurt ha ha... but it was so worth it. Corey gave the lady my demo cd, she was so happy :) anyway thats what I did yesterday.

I am waiting to hear back from some of the producers in Nashville. To see what type of money I need to finish my project up there.

August 16/07

Well today I decided to make today mother daughter day. I took my daughter emily to the spa, she got a pedicure and I got a manicure. Then we went shopping, bought a new kitchen table. Now we are just about to head off to go horse back riding for the first time ever for me and for her. Excited about this. So I will chat with eveyrone tomorrow :)

August 15/07

Well getting used to Edmonton after a week in Nashville is hard. Nashville is so nice. Edmonton is nice but you know nothing like nashville. I missed my kids though. So I spent most of the day with them and the night with my mother. :) Maybe I'll write a song tonight :)



August 14/07

Well I am on my way home. The last day was very good for information :)
I met with Steve Omni, from Omni Studios. He was very nice, and possibly will have something set up for when we move to Nashville that we can recommend Canadian singers/songwriters to use his studio and we would also get recommendations for our photography / videos/ webdesign / anything that independents that can't afford some of the people out there. So we will be an affordable company moving down there. Which is nice. I am excited. :) I will keep everyone updated. I get home at midnight. Talk to you all soon. I also met Tom Harding from tombstone recordings. Very good guy. So yes. very successful last day.

August 13/07

Well its Monday. I am going to go in to downtown "Nashville" on Music Row. I walked around. I got to see Ron Mislap's old studio. Which is now "Travis Tritts" studio. Very beautiful. Steven and the other men that gave me a tour, were really cool. Nice guys. Let me come in and tour the studio a bit.

After that I walked around, signed up as a union member in Nashville so I can get session work, give me a reason to come up to Nashville more. I also signed up as a sterling member at CMA meber area. I also got a ton of info from ascap and I went around placing my cd's outside in various places, hoping maybe someone sees them and just pics them up and listen's you never know I brought a ton of demo's so its easy to do that :)




Tomorrow I am planning on seeing Tombstone recordings, hopefully meeting charlie, a manager here in Nashville and enjoying my last day in Nashville till next time. Heading to the Waffle house. I love the waffle house. best waffles ever :)

August 12/07

Sunday August 12 07 I drove around all day with Mike the real estate agent. I found this cool area I am most likely to move "PROVIDENCE" in Mt. Jules area. 20 min outside of Downtown Nashville. Very nice place for kids to grow up in. Plus its a perfect way to get our photography going. I am excited. I am staying in tonight I think. Don't want to go anywhere.

August 11/07

Well Friday and Saturday Nights for Karaoke really stink in Nashville, lol. You have to sing just fast songs. You all know me, I don't many fast songs, so thats a challenge right there. ha ha ha. Also the karaoke hosts just put up whomever they like best and if they don't know you they won't put you up till they basically have to or you complain. Plus the host will sing 3 or 4 or 5 songs before you actually get to sing yours, plus everyone else before you. I went to karaoke at 930 and I never sang till 1. How is that fair. No clue. Maybe when I move here I will open a karaoke bar that is fair to the singers that come :)

I did not accomplish anything today but going to Nashville Shores. It was nice, the slides were to slow. But it was nice out and very beautiful there :) Took lots of pictuers. I look like a moron doing it though cause I am taking pics of myself. ha ha. Anyway I am having fun in Nashville. Just today just didn't work out the way I had hoped it would. I meet with Mike the realtor tomorrow about possibly finding a house to move to Nashville.

August 10/07

I love nashville. I went and checked out the zoo today it was great. I also met Steve Haggard. Good guy. Gives you the real truth of the music industry in Nashville. I also went to karaoke at Wanna B's downtown on Broadway. Now that was interesting ha ha ha. I plan on meeting Tom Harding from Tombstonerecordings & Steve from Omnisounds studios. I just want to meet as many people as possible before I leave on tuesday the 14th. I think tomorrow I will check out Nashville Shores waterpark.

AUG 09/07

Everything is amazing, the city is clean and nice, the people are cool and Karaoke is like a talent show down here. Met with Pete, he likes my stuff and we will be working on it in September.

I'm off house hunting now, and arranging to start a multimedia company here for Corey and me.

AUG 8/07

NASHVILLE TN here I come!!!
Going to record all 14 of these songs with Pete Bordonali in Nashville. My first trip is August 8th to the 14th.